Even in the coolest of months, walking around Dubai can feel as though you’re roasting inside a gas oven. It’s one of the characteristics that comes with building a city in the centre of a desert.

This extreme heat tends to send some tourists hiding inside luxurious hotels, large malls and aquariums, while others will brave the warmth in order to get that holiday glow.

Unfortunately, due to the at-times-overwhelming weather conditions, theses visitors are only able to spend a half-hour-or-so outdoors before they absolutely need to seek out some shelter.

Sunbed 2

A technology has seen this behaviour and come up with what it describes as a revolutionary outdoor device called the ‘self-cooling sunbed’.

Just as it sounds, the world-first bed features a patented gel lining which keeps the furniture cool and reduces body temperature by two degrees. The gel is activated in the upper layers of the bed when someone lays on it, instantly cooling the lounge and preventing sunbathers from potential sunburns while allowing them to spend more time outdoors without growing uncomfortable.

Sunbed 3

Jay Ventham, the brains behind the lounger, said he came up with the idea after his skin was scorched by a boiling lounger sitting under a 36-degree sun.

He said he was blistered so badly that he still sports rashes and sores on the underside of his legs.

“That’s when I got to thinking there must be a better way.”

Jay Ventham


The world’s first self-cooling bed will be unveiled at The Leisure Show Dubai this month, where Ventham hopes it will receive interest from transforming hotels, leisure clubs and beaches the world over.

“With a fast growing number of hotels and resorts, there is vast opportunity across the region to provide thousands of people an enhanced experience at the beach or the swimming pool, through this comfortable and cooling range of outdoor furniture products,” he said.

Would you be keen to lay on the self-cooling bed?