Lonely Planet’s guidebooks usually make us long to jump on board a plane to chase our next exotic adventure. But now, Lonely Planet is inspiring readers to embrace the traveller spirit closer to home too.

The legendary guidebook publisher has just released Everyday Adventures, a handbook for experiencing your local area in a whole new way.

It is packed full of ideas on how to rediscover somewhere familiar or to help you explore a new destination when travelling.

Whether you want to explore your hometown in new ways, generally feel stuck for things to do, or just want a new challenge, the fun and varied activities within proving you don’t need to spend big or travel far for great adventures.

Five themed chapters within the book include: Follow Your Senses, Social Adventures, Challenge Yourself, Cultural Odysseys and Roll the Dice.

Within those chapters are 50 ‘everyday adventures’ including themed tours and adventures, how to take inspiration from food, music and books, and ways to leave your journey in the hands of fate (or others!).

Each activity is accompanied by simple, easy-to-follow instructions, ideas on things to bring and a case study from someone who’s completed it, as well as surprising facts and anecdotes that shed light on the history and science behind each quirky quest.

Weave a little wonder into daily life and seek out urban solitude, take directions from a stranger, or do a good deed in the local community.

Whatever adventure suits your mood, Everyday Adventures will inspire you to go exploring closer to home and discover a new side to where you live.

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What do you think of the new Everyday Adventure concept? Let us know below.