Are you noticing a sudden increase in interest for Tasmania? And by sudden, we mean literally overnight.



Australia’s little state down under has just been put on the map for people across the country and it’s all thanks to one incredible picture that went viral this week.

The image was snapped and posted by Instagram user (and likely photographer, her images are amazing) Leanne Marshall when she encountered one of Tasmania’s beaches shining bright like a neon light.

In less than a day her image has received over to 200 likes and has been picked up by online publications, radio stations and even a few TV networks.

According to reports, the illumination was due to bioluminescent algae that had made its way into Preservation Bay.

Although it sounds like a permanent Tasmania feature, the algae will only sparkle under certain conditions such as in warm, still water.

Meanwhile, people have commented under Leanne’s images praising her for the find and longing to see the illuminated waters for themselves.

Have you captured something similar? Share it with us below.