From pristine white beaches to museums, art galleries & resorts-a-plenty – there is so much more to New Caledonia than meets the eye.

The South Pacific can get even the savviest traveller confounded, with so many islands dotted across the biggest ocean in the world, it can get stressful trying to figure out which island escape is the right choice for you and your family.

While New Caledonia may not be the first country that comes to mind when you’re booking a family holiday – we have 8 great reasons to help change your mind!


1. Short Travel Times


Just over 2-hours from Brisbane Airport, under 3-hours from Sydney & less than 4-hours from Melbourne – that’s barely one Disney film or 10 Wiggles episodes.

It’s also just long enough to let the kiddies squeeze in a nap on the way there without getting restless. #parentinghack


2. Fussy Eaters are covered


Ice creameries, patisseries, crepes, snails… you name it, New Cal has it! They also understand our western culture, so you won’t find a shortage of chicken nuggets but it’s a great chance to experience the French cuisine without the jet lag!

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Dolphins when you dine at the Le Roof restaurant out on the pier in Anse Vata. Flipper, is that you!?


3. Water Baby Heaven


If you’re a family that love to swim or just want the experience of swimming in crystal-clear water & lagoons – you will literally be surrounded by them.

Explore Oro Bay on Isle of Pines or snorkel with turtles in the Loyalty Islands – no matter where you go, the views will not disappoint.


4. Finding Nemo


Need another reason to jump in the clear blue? New Caledonia is home to the world’s largest lagoon. The UNESCO World Heritage is well protected meaning it is home to some of the most incredible snorkelling in the world.

Enjoy the natural beauty and get up close and personal with beautiful coral, fish, turtles and more.  The kids will be thrilled to get an real life chance to ‘find Nemo’.


5. Thomas the Tchou Tchou Train


Known as being one of the most popular family tours – the Le Tchou Tchou train in Noumea offers a fun and informative guided tour.

At around two hours long, this explorative ride takes in all the main sites of the city & who doesn’t love being on a train in another country?


6. Weather Proof Destination


It’s clear there is more than enough to do outside but we know that most family places can be rained out & you’re stuck having to watch re-runs of Peppa Pig.

Experience the Aquarium Des Lagons in Noumea where Shark feeding is as normal as fish-feeding or if you’re feeling adventurous – take a shopping tour and find keepsake souvenirs for family & friends.


7. Kanak Culture


The Kanak people are the indigenous inhabitants of New Caledonia – they make up 40% of the New Caledonian population & are famous for producing exquisite wooden carvings.

While they are quiet & reserved people, they are the life-blood of the New Caledonian culture & uphold ancient values. For the young ones – it’s a great example of the culture & heritage of the country!


8. Blended Accommodation Experiences


Whether you’re a camping family, hotel family, five-star all-inclusive family – New Cal has you covered. Ditch the sun lounger, say goodbye to the burger bars and get back to basics at the Blue River National Park camping grounds, located two hours by car from Noumea. Or, veg out on the beach & enjoy island time – the choice is yours!



Well, we were already obsessed with New Caledonia but with affordable and unforgettable experiences for all ages, and only a short flight from Australia, it’s clear that New Caledonia is the ideal destination for a family holiday.

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By Mel Bobbermien, KARRYON contributor

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