Do you want to build a snowman? Or watch one come to life in the middle of Sydney’s CBD? Well, for the first time in forever (or since 2013 when the movie was out in cinemas), you can!

Destination NSW is giving you a reason to step out of the comfort of a heated home during Sydney’s 2020 winter season, with the news of Disney Frozen – The Broadway Musical‘s debut in the city.

New South Wales’ capital will be the first to host the Tony Award-nominated production in Australia, which BTW has been described by an insider (aka a friend of a friend) as better than any other existing version of the fairytale.


Premiering in July 2020 at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre, the tale of sisterhood and new-found friendships (with a reindeer and a magically animated snowman) will run for seven months until January 2021.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian just can’t hold it back anymore – his excitement, that is – saying he’s “thrilled” Destination NSW was able to secure the musical adaptation of one of the most highly acclaimed Disney movies of the 21st century that was marked by several reviewers as a second “Disney Renaissance”.


“The movie has a cult following, it is a global cultural sensation, and we are thrilled to have secured the musical adaptation for Sydney.”

Premier Gladys Berejiklian

If the chill of a winter night never bothered you anyway, then be part of the 73,000 people expected to visit Sydney specifically for the musical, and keep an eye out for tickets when they go on sale.


Are you keen to check out the Disney musical?