Even the grumpiest of customers would have to crack a grin when they spot Jim ‘The Dancing Man’ O’Reilly busting dance moves while directing cars onto the UK’s Isle of Wight ferry service.

The Red Funnel staff member who is renowned for his entertaining moves is now one of ten finalists in the 2018 VisitEngland’s Tourism Superstar competition.

Jim said the dancing came about after motorists seemed to react well to his exaggerated hand gestures.


“Then one afternoon I had what can only be described as an out of body experience and I just went for it as if I was on the dance floor.”

Jim ‘The Dancing Man’ O’Reilly.

Rain, hail or shine, Jim will be dancing.

He said it was all about getting the customers involved.

“When I started working here there didn’t seem to be enough sort of rapport between the customers and the staff and I’m in a better position to do it than anyone because I’m directly there with them,” he said.

He says he imagines he’s dancing to Motown music as he shows drivers where to go.


Costumers reckon Jim just brightens up their day.

“You can’t help but love him,” one customer said.

Jim was nominated for the award by Visit Isle of Wight.

The organisation described him as an “outstanding ambassador for the Island”.

Jim consistently welcomes visitors to and from the Island is his own signature style.

Visit Island of Wight.

The VisitEngland’s Tourism Superstar competition is now in its seventh year and recognises individuals in the tourism industry who go the extra mile to provide an amazing visitor experience.

Source: Visit Isle of Wight.

Source: Visit Isle of Wight.

Jim encouraged customers to vote for him if he helped start and end their visit to the Isle of Wight with a smile.

AW! You can vote for Jim HERE.

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Have you ever come across Jim ‘The Dancing Man’ O’Reilly in your travels?