Relying on a stranger in a foreign country to care for your child while you relax under the sun – that’d take a lot of trust for most parents but apparently, not in Fiji.

When in Fiji, parents are naturally and almost immediately dropping their guards, according to hoteliers, who say parents are happily leaving their youngsters in the kid’s clubs from the moment they arrive.

Director of Sales and Marketing for Malolo Island Resort told KARRYON at the Tourism Fiji Roadshow in Sydney that mums and dads have instinctual confidence in the care Fijian people will provide for their children, a confidence that they wouldn’t have anywhere else.


Image: Malolo Island Resort

“I absolutely agree that Fiji is the one country in the world where mums will comfortably pass their kids to the kids club.”

Samantha Muspratt, Director of Sales and Marketing for Malolo Island Resort

Samantha said she believes this trust in Fijian people comes from their authentic and warm personalities, as well as their ability to see the world in a positive light.

“I like to say that they have pixie dust in their pockets,” she joked.


Image: Malolo Island Resort

Warwick Fiji’s Pacific Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, concurred, saying that the Fijian people are the reason why the country is so popular among travelling families.

“You see it all over Fiji, parents happily and trustingly leaving their kids in the care of others.”

Vara Natuilagilagi, Warwick Fiji Pacific Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

“That’s why families are so big for the country – it’s families first and then couples.”


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