The good old beach and poolside tradition of using towels to reserve spots for friends and family may soon be a finable offence on the popular Mediterranean island of Ibiza.


The island’s environmental leaders told media this week that they’re considering a fine against tourists who attempt to reserve spots on the beach after receiving several complaints from locals.

According to reports, tourists are using beach towels to mind spots on the island’s beaches all day, which is preventing other visitors and locals from laying their own towels near the water.


Image: Scott Young/Unsplash

Councillor Montserrat Garcia said she and other Councillors are now thinking of introducing “measures to prevent this from happening” that may include a penalty for those reserving spots on the beach, Daily Mail reported.

The Councillor didn’t reveal how much tourists could be fined or when the penalty would come into place, but she did say it would be similar to punishments currently established in other Spanish resorts such as Cullera and Gandia.


Image: Vasiliki Theodoridou/Unsplash

Ibiza’s fine against towel minding comes less than eight months after the island introduced a 3.00am curfew on bars and clubs. The lockout law was put into place in San Antonio and reduced clubbing times by two-to-three hours.


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