So here’s the thing. Every year G Adventures runs this wild thing called the Uber Massive Incentive aka UMI, during which Travel Agents can win weekly prizes and/or score themselves a spot on a free famil.

Last year, G Adventures took Agents to Uganda and Rwanda (amazing right?!) and the year before it was the Antarctica and Jordan, and the year before that it was Myanmar.


Consultants and the guys over at the G-team get really into the incentive, and sometimes the passion is so strong that they actually dress in a way that represents the destination, like, meet GPS Steph Beard aka the Rwandan gorilla.


Anyhoo, late last year the tour operator confirmed it was bringing UMI back in 2018, but refused, REFUSED (and believe me, I tried) to tell us where they were planning to take Agents.

Seriously, they wouldn’t play guessing games with us and they wouldn’t ‘blink twice’ if we were close. They wouldn’t give us anything!

Except now.

One of the gals from G Adventures’ Melbourne HQ let a little something slip that has us narrowing in on where the 2018 fam could be held.

The accidental hint was the title of this year’s incentive, which is… ‘UMI in the Islands’.

UMI in the Islands!




We know what you’re thinking: “Bruh, do you know how many islands there are in the world?”.

Yes, yes we hear you, it’s like a needle in haystack, but bruh, the island has to be included in one of G Adventures’ existing tours! This drastically narrows down our options, which has us going crazy with guesses.

Our main guess is JAMAICA!

Jamaica G Adventures

Will it be in Jamaica?!

Yeah mon, the home of reggae, dancehall, Sean Paul and everything smooth and cool in this world.

Of course, G Adventures has a history of covering two destinations during its UMI trips and since the group will already be in the Caribbean, we’re guessing they’ll also do a bit of salsa, speak Spanish and be all-round sexy in Cuba!

Mexico or Cuba G Adventures

Could it be Cuba?

We’ve officially put our (Monopoly) money on a Jamaica and Cuba famil.

But there are other ‘island’ options such as, maybe it’s in Sri Lanka? Or Borneo? Or Indonesia? Or Thailand?

Sri Lanka

Could it be Sri Lanka?

Or maybe it’ll be in the Galapagos Islands?

Galapagos G Adventures

Could it be the Galapagos?

Or maybe the Hawaiian Islands?

Hawaii G Adventures

Could it be Hawaii?

Or maybe even the Greek islands? YAS Mykonos!

Image: Nick Karvounis/Unsplash

Or maybe the Greek islands? Image: Nick Karvounis/Unsplash

While the destination is still up in air, Travel Agents can ensure they’re in the running to win by booking their clients on a G Adventures trip.

Every booking counts from now up until 31 March so get to selling! Oh, and make sure you have a Sherpa account otherwise you won’t qualify.

CLICK HERE for more information!

And good luck.

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Which island do you hope G Adventures takes Agents?