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GET ON IT: Brand USA announce music MegaFam with Air NZ this August

Brand USA has announced today at IPW18 in Denver that it will launch a MegaFam for 60 Australian and Kiwi agents this August in partnership with Air New Zealand.

Brand USA has announced today at IPW18 in Denver that it will launch a MegaFam for 60 Australian and Kiwi agents this August in partnership with Air New Zealand.

Love your tunes? This one is for you.

This remarkable trip will see 60 top-selling agents (One of those is you right?) head off to the states from all over Australia and New Zealand to experience a supersized musical journey to be remembered forever from the 16th to the 23rd of August 2018.

The MegaFam is in line with the current ‘America’s Musical Journey’ 3D documentary and campaign by Brand USA which focusses on telling American destination stories through the history of their music and genres they are renowned for.

Check it out below if you haven’t seen it yet. I think it’s one of the BEST tourism campaigns ever.

From Hip-hop to rock, jazz and blues, the campaign, launched in February has not surprisingly already been a huge hit globally.

Why? Because simply put – who doesn’t love music? Whatever you or your clients are into, this campaign has inspiration for everyone and is yet another reason to get out and explore more of the U.S based on your musical loves.


What’s going to happen on the MegaFam?

This could be you in Chicago...

This could be you and the crew in Chicago…

The MegaFam will see 60 travel professionals from Australia, and New Zealand, experience seven fabulous nights in the USA.

The participants will initially be split into six groups along with hosts, with each group spending the first five nights exploring exciting itineraries in various U.S. destinations.

The final two nights, the entire group will come together for a grand finale in Las Vegas with further sightseeing and a chance to share their MegaFam stories and experiences.

Each of the six itineraries will carry the theme of USA music and will showcase the nation’s diversity and collision of cultures, which culminate in a unique blend of sound, music, and innovation unlike anywhere else in the world.

Sound good? Oh yes, it does.


Tell me now! How do I get on the gig?


That’s simple.

The 60 travel professionals will be selected during an incentive campaign period, launching on June 6th.

Agents will also be invited to attend Brand USA hosted road shows in key destinations throughout Australia, designed to educate the travel professionals about the U.S. and excite them to compete for a spot on the MegaFam.

Fingers crossed you’ll be sitting in one of those comfy Air New Zealand seats come August, listening to your favourite tunes and on your way to America to experience your very own musical journey.

“We’re looking forward to bringing back the MegaFam this year and are delighted to partner with Air New Zealand. Our USA music theme will no doubt educate and engage the travel professionals in very different ways depending on the itinerary they take part in over in the USA. And, with a grand finale taking place in Las Vegas, the MegaFam is set to be both informative and extremely exciting.”

Matt Fletcher, Director, Brand USA – Australia, and New Zealand 

Air New Zealand Regional General Manager Australia Kathryn Robertson says, “The upcoming MegaFam is a fantastic opportunity to partner with Brand USA to promote both the Air New Zealand experience as well as the diversity of everything the USA has to offer travellers. We look forward to welcoming these travel professionals on board and showcasing our world-renowned Kiwi hospitality.”

So who’s ready to secure their spot on an epic musical journey through the USA?

Stay tuned to KARRYON for more updates in the coming days and make sure your diary is free from the 16-23rd of August.


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Will you be aiming for a MegaFam spot in August to the U.S?