Delete your Uber app! Okay, too dramatic, don’t ever delete the second best app invented (second to the Disneyland app) but you can close it while you’re at LAX.

Los Angeles’ international gateway has just received the go-ahead on a multi-billion dollar ‘automated people mover’ which will do exactly as it sounds – move people around the airport.

Expected to open in 2023, the system will have trains running every two minutes to make it easier and faster for some 10,000 passengers per hour to change terminals, access rental cars or connect to the Metro light rail.

Los Angeles International Airport People Mover 2

Contractors, LAX Integrated Express Solutions, have been asked to design carriages with wide doors to accommodate flyers with large and multiple bags, as well as large windows for viewing and handholds and seats for those in need.

Los Angeles International Airport People Mover 4

Outdoor platforms will be accessible via escalators as well as elevators, and they’ll have moving walkways for quick access to the terminals.

Los Angeles International Airport People Mover 3

Construction on the transportation system begins this year, in the meantime L.A. Councilman Joe Buscaino looks forward to seeing how the Automated People Mover eases traffic congestion around LAX, while Mayor Eric Garcetti is keen to offer travellers “the most passenger-friendly airport in the world”.

More info on the APM below…

See ya’s on the APM in 2023!

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Who’s up for a ride on the Automated People Mover at LAX?