When the in-the-know travel pros at Lonely Planet tell you which countries to visit in 2019, you know you’re about to uncover some exciting new places to explore.

Today, all is revealed with Lonely Planet unveiling its Best in Travel 2019 guide, an annual agenda-setting collection of the world’s hottest destinations, experiences and trends for the year ahead.

Within the guide, the top 10 countries to visit in 2019 have been revealed. So without further ado here are the countries that your clients should visit in 2019.


1. Sri Lanka

The country is already notable to intrepid travellers for its mix of religions and cultures, its timeless temples, its rich and accessible wildlife, its growing surf scene and its people who defy all odds by their welcome and friendliness after decades of civil conflict.

Lonely Planet says, now more than ever, is the time for families, adrenaline junkies, eco-tourists, wellness seekers and foodies of all budgets to visit Sri Lanka.


2. Germany

100 years ago, in Germany a little school in the Thuringian countryside kick-started an aesthetic movement so globally influential that its reverberations are still felt today: the Bauhaus. Lonely Planet invites travellers to join the locals for a year-long birthday party of this midwife of modernism.

A collection of sparkling new museums will be opening in Germany along with scores of related events and exhibitions.


3. Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe has always been a country that travellers on the ground have raved about. Not only is it one of Africa’s safest destinations, but it’s also one blessed with ultra-friendly locals, Big Five-filled national parks, World Heritage-listed archaeological ruins, forested mountains and, of course, the mighty Victoria Falls.


4. Panama

The crossroads of the Americas. In Panama, north meets south in a fiesta of tropical biodiversity, celebrated at the world-class BioMuseo. East meets West through expanding world trade, with the world’s biggest cargo ships travelling the recently revamped Panama Canal.

In 2019, Panama City pledges to party like never before.


5. Kyrgyzstan

Image: Anton Agarkov

Kyrgyzstan’s moment on the world tourism stage seems to have come following huge buzz from the 2018 World Nomad Games, Central Asia’s competition dedicated to its traditional (and quirky) regional sports. The time to visit has never been better – more than 2700km of newly marked trekking routes; a countrywide push of community-run tour products; a revamped national highway system cutting transit times.

The top 5 countries are followed by Jordan at number 6, Indonesia at number 7, Belarus at number 8 followed by São Tomé and Príncipe Belize.

Now the question is, how many of these countries will your clients get to tick off their bucket lists in 2019.


How many of these countries have you visited? Let us know below.