A new private-public project, Gondolas4all, has been launched that will make it possible for wheelchair-bound tourists to finally experience a magical ride through the serene canals of Venice.

A trip to Venice just isn’t complete without experiencing a gondola ride.

But unfortunately, this wasn’t possible for wheelchair-bound tourists in the past.

Now that’s all about to change.

That’s right: Accessible tourism is finally becoming a reality in one of the most popular cities in Europe.

The new initiative, Gondolas4all, will make it possible for wheelchair-bound passengers to board a gondola with ease with a cool lift mechanism.

According to the founders of Gondolas4all, Alessandro Dalla Pieta and Enrico Greifenberg – both of whom are experienced  gondolieres – the lift system is a real innovation for the city of Venice, and will help thousands of wheelchair users experience this quintessential Venetian highlight.

Gondolas4all was conceived by Alessandro and Enrico after they tired of seeing the same sad expression on the faces of children who were unable to ride in a gondola.

The new service will begin in just over a month from car-accessible Piazzale Roma after gondoliers are trained in operating the lift. Visitors can book a ride at the Gondolas4all website.

Just recently, Expedia launched a new campaign, Dream Adventures, to help sick children “travel the world” through a live-streaming, 360-degree screening room to re-create travel experiences for patients that they couldn’t possibly embark on themselves.

Just how accessible is tourism around the world?