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GRAM IT IN JAPAN: 5 Insta-worthy hidden spots in Japan you need to know about

Photogenic to the tee, Japan is an Instagrammer's dream, a colourful, cultural landscape that looks good when captured from any angle.

Photogenic to the tee, Japan is an Instagrammer’s dream, a colourful, cultural landscape that looks good when captured from any angle.

But of course, Mount Fuji, the quaint lanes of Kyoto and the neon-lit streets of Akihabara have already been captured and liked to death…

To add something fresh and previously unseen to your feed, here are five totally Insta-worthy spots in Japan that are, so far, hidden from the masses…


1. Pose under ancient cedar trees on Yakushima Island

A subtropical island off the coast of Kyushu, Yakushima is blanketed with an ancient cedar forest containing some of the oldest trees in the archipelago – some more than 1,000-years-old.

Moss covered tree trunks, vines and stones take you into a magical world where time has stopped still.

With high mountains all over the island, Yakushima also gets a lot of rainfall, ensuring this arboreal paradise stays mossy and green all year round.

To get here, you’ll need to get on a four-hour-long ferry that runs the route twice-daily from Kagoshima. But it’s totally worth it for the gram-worthy moments you’ll capture.


2. Slide down the Tottori Sand Dunes

Is it the Sahara? The Gobi? No, it’s the Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan of all places! Indeed, Japan is full of surprises – and deserts, apparently.

A three-hour train journey from Osaka takes you to Sanin Kaigan National Park in Tottori Prefecture, where you’ll find an 18-kilometre stretch of sculptured sand dunes along the coastline.

They form the only large dune system in Japan and are definitely worthy of a selfie or two for the Gram!


3. Walk (part of) the Nakasendo Way

Step out on an ancient 17th-century path that was once used to connect Tokyo with Kyoto and stumble into a world little changed by time.

The Nakasendo Way will take you into the Japan you’ve seen on TV and in movies, past traditionally-styled homes and shops, past landscaped Japanese gardens and under towering cedar forests.

True, it’s nearly 500-kilometres-long, but you only need to walk a few hundred metres for a photo that will light up your Instagram.


4. Get a silky-smooth shot in front of Nabegataki Falls 

Slow that shutter speed right down on your phone or camera and capture the perfect silky-smooth waterfall photo for your feed.

Nabegataki Falls has been called the mini-Niagara falls, but we think it’s even more beautiful, especially when you can go behind the falls for an amazing perspective looking out onto this lush, moss-covered scene.

Experiment with different shutter speeds for the desired effect, and wear something bright and bold to contrast with the surrounding nature.


5. Visit the Tuscany of Japan and say kanpai

Have you ever tried Japanese wine? No, not rice wine, as in sake, but real wine? You know, the drop made from grapes? Koshu, just a two-hour ride from Tokyo, is Japan’s premier wine region, and a total hidden gem.

The region is called the Tuscany of Japan, so you can imagine what you’ll find there: think gorgeous vineyard after vineyard and colourful fruit trees all around.

Most famous for producing a light, Muscadet-style vino, Koshu is famous for producing something else too: epic Instagram phot


To discover more Instagram worthy spots in Japan, visit the website here. 


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