It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks to this massive US national holiday. Turkey and pumpkin pie anyone?

It’s here and it just keeps getting bigger. To keep it simple, here is your history lesson and the facts around Thanksgiving which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

The year was 1621 in Massachusetts when there was a three-day harvest celebration. No forks were used, only spoons and knives as forks didn’t come into the picture for another decade. Thanksgiving officially kicked off in 1789 with George Washington proclaiming the day a national day.


“It’s one of the busiest travel times in the US and people travel far and wide to spend time with their loved ones”

Monique Roos, Senior Commercial Specialist – U.S. Consulate General

Celebration revolves around food that is native to America. Turkey, Cranberries, potatoes which are usually mashed and Pumpkin which is turned into a pie. If you are in the South it would be a deep fried Turkey.


“People travel far and wide to celebrate Thanksgiving and it isn’t always with family, it can be celebrated with friends and industry colleagues such as the guests who attended our event today,”

Lucy Rowe, President of Visit USA

It’s a time to enjoy each others company and to share a meal and express gratitude for the good things in life and what we have.

This couldn’t have been truer as Visit USA showered guests with gratitude and thanks this morning along with major sponsors, The Great American West, Virgin Australia, Delta Airlines and Brand USA who hosted a scrumptious Thanksgiving breakfast at the Botanical Gardens Restaurant.


Virgin Australia and Delta Airlines also shared they will be celebrating 10 years next year of flying between the United States and Australia. How awesome is that? Plus Delta Airlines in April 2019 will be sending to Australia their newly refurbished 777 showcasing the new business class suite with sliding doors as a world first. Let’s give thanks for a world first and sliding doors…

Check out how we got to the restaurant. Thanks to one of the co-sponsors, The Great American West, for organising the transport. Choo Choo.


Grab a piece of pumpkin pie today and remember to give thanks to your work colleagues too.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to give thanks to?