China’s government has joined the rest of the world in recognising the power of social media over people’s travel decisions and wants in on some of the Insta-action.

The country’s leaders have announced a partial lift of ‘China’s Great Firewall’, a digital block which prevents locals and visitors from accessing western social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Gmail.

Good news for social media addicts, bad news for those hoping for a mandatory Facebook break.


Initially, the Great Firewall will be lifted in Hainan, a southern island the government is hoping – through social media – to transform into an international free trade zone, a hub for foreign investors and a top tourist destination by 2020.

According to reports, use of western websites will be granted to foreigners visiting the island and only in certain areas within the two cities of Haikou and Sanya, Business Insider reported.


It’s unclear whether locals will be able to access the same platforms.

Hainan recently made headlines around the world thanks to its carrier, Hainan Airlines, and it’s ‘stunning’ new uniforms.


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What are your thoughts on the decision?