Dreamworld has assured travellers, future patrons and media that there was no danger yesterday when a ride’s auto-stop feature was engaged with eight guests on board.

The park, which is still recovering from last year’s Thunder River Rapids incident during which four people were killed, went into PR-mode early yesterday when reports of eight passengers stuck near the top of the Buzz Saw ride started to leak.

The Gold Coast theme park stressed in a Facebook update that there was no problem with the ride and that the engagement of the auto-stop sensor “is a regular and essential part of operations”.


“It occurs for a variety of reasons, from sensor alignment to guest behaviour or weather.”


“Guests are not placed in danger by auto-stops occurring. They are an essential built-in part of ride safety systems and manufacturer’s specifications.”

According to Courier Mail, the Buzz Saw ride stopped at around 1.00pm. The eight passengers are believed to have been waiting for less than half an hour before their carriage was safely returned to the start of the ride.

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