Today is International Day of Happiness, the perfect time for Fiji Tourism to launch a new campaign dedicated to HAPPINESS, celebrating how happy the people of Fiji are and encouraging people to think about their own happiness.

Fiji topped a poll (2017 Gallup International global survey on hope, happiness and economic optimism) as feeling the most happy and content.

This month there’s been a lot of rich lists printed, celebrating wealth and billionaires, but Fiji Tourism looks at success differently, deeming happy as the new rich.

To mark this they have launched their inaugural list of BULANAIRES (not billionaires): people rich in happiness.

The initiative ties into the brand strapline “where happiness finds you” and focuses on what sets Fiji apart from other destinations; its people.

“In Fiji, the warmth and friendliness of the locals is what visitors to the destination remember the most. The Bula Spirit is felt the second you arrive in the destination and stays with you well after you return home. Fiji really is the place where happiness finds you and we developed Bulanaires to share and celebrate this happiness with the world.”

CEO for Tourism Fiji Matthew Stoeckel

Independent experts and leading authorities in happiness were consulted and assisted in the development of the Bulanaires list, including positive psychologist Professor Lea Waters.

“Bulanaires redefine the way we measure success. A common measure of success is often portrayed through the annual ‘rich lists’ that showcase the increased number of billionaires each year. But perhaps instead we need to consider finding happiness and contentment as a measure for being rich,” Professor Lea Waters said.

Fiji Tourism

To find out more about the Bulanaires List visit or view #bulanaires on social media.


Do you think happy is the new rich?