Lombok has been hit by yet another significant earthquake last night. The latest magnitude 5.9 quake resulted in more casualties and damage on the Indonesian holiday island.

In total Lombok has been hit by a whopping 350 aftershocks this week, including the three major earthquakes.

New casualties from the latest quake have seen the death toll on the island rise to over 300. Sadly this number is only expected to rise as rescue workers continue to dig through the rubble, searching for survivors from Sunday’s larger quake.


Image: AP/ Firdia Lisnawati

National Disaster Mitigation Agency Spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said the latest big shake saw people running onto roads in panic, more buildings damaged and more people traumatised.

Thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed in Lombok this week, leaving more than 150,000 people homeless.

The ABC said that the Indonesian Red Cross estimates that 20,000 people in remote areas in the north of the island were in need of aid right now.

Red Cross Spokesman Arifin Hadi said tens of thousands of people urgently needed clean water and tarpaulins.

Thousands of tourists have been fleeing Lombok since Sunday’s major quake via extra flights or on ferries to Bali.


Image: Melissa Delport – @trufflejournal

Smartraveller continies to advise Australians not to travel to Lombok and the Gili Islands in the aftermath of the natural disasters.

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