Camping in caves, a God-like bridge, great Pho and Cu Chi Tunnels, it’s no wonder more Australians are apparently considering a holiday to Vietnam.

A new study has found Aussies are following global trends by switching up their vacation plans to include the sixth-fastest growing tourist destination in the world, Vietnam.

The report based on online searches found Australians are so keen to explore the up and coming country, that they’re abandoning their favourite holiday spot, Bali, to do so.

Image: Eirik Skarstein/Unsplash

The findings by Webjet published to claimed that instability with Bali’s volcano has reduced searches for the Indonesian island over the last 12 months, and prompted an increase in interest for travel to other parts of Asia, including Vietnam.

However, traditional Travel Agents such as Helloworld Travel South Perth’s David van der Meer, say Vietnam has consistently been a hot spot for Australian travellers over the last 15 years.


Image: Thijs Degenkamp/Unsplash

David told KARRYON that if anything, he’s experienced an increase in river cruising in Vietnam along with river cruising in Cambodia and Myanmar.

Regarding the decline in Bali bookings, David said it’s difficult for Travel Agents to track trends to the island as people tend to book that destination online.


Are you seeing more interest in Vietnam over Bali?