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Hot game show contestant has women packing their bags for Australia

Tourist offices take note: The female gender (myself included) is proudly thirsty and can be easily swayed into 'a change of scenery' when there's a hot dude involved.

Tourist offices take note: The female gender (myself included) is proudly thirsty and can be easily swayed into ‘a change of scenery’ when there’s a hot dude involved.

While that statement doesn’t apply to all ladies, there is a large number out there tempted to cross oceans when a good looking guy is involved, even travelling somewhere as far as Australia.

Don’t believe me, let’s take a second to remember the impact of that Samoa Tourism Instagram ad featuring a trimmed torso randomly posing in the water, or the way women swooned for Tahiti after seeing snippets from the annual Mister Tahiti Competition.

Theja ABC hottie

Still not convinced, well how about all the women suddenly keen to travel to Australia just for a slice of one good-looking, charismatic ‘nerd’ they spotted on ABC’s Hard Quiz.

Of all the TV shows!

Theja, a Victoria-based dentist, stole the heart of thousands of women worldwide after recently appearing on the game show.

Snippets of his appearance have gone viral with females describing the lad as ‘fine AF’ (as one viewer put it) or ‘handsome and funny’.

Even the show’s host, Tom Gleeson, couldn’t resist Theja’s long eye-lashes, sharp cheeks, thick head of hair and irresistible smile (errr, might have a new crush), saying he was probably “the most attractive person we’ve ever had on this show”.

Even Tom Gleeson was taken by Theja.

Even Tom Gleeson was taken by Theja.

“It’s really throwing me, this is meant to be a quiz for nerds. What are you doing here?”

Tom Gleeson, Hard Quiz Host

But it wasn’t just his handsome exterior that had women swooning, it was his wit and intelligence.

Some international viewers were so arrested by the Aussie that they were considering a trip Down Under…

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Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 12.05.44 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 12.13.02 PM

So Tourism Australia, forget the overly constructed guys on The Bachelor and Chris Hemsworth (NO, I hate myself for writing that ????), you may need to recruit Theja for your next promo.

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Are you thinking of taking a trip to Victoria? Or maybe a specific dentist’s office?