It’s the ultimate opportunity for anyone looking to travel, work and make some pretty decent cash in Europe, but it comes with just one slightly terrifying catch.

A Scottish couple living in a small village in the Scottish Borders has posted a job ad on, for a live-in nanny to care for their children aged 5 and 7 years old.

The perfect candidate will need to feed the young ones, drop and pick them up from school, assist with their home work and ensure they get their full eight hours of sleep every night.

As the couple are “required to work away”, there will be occasions when the candidate will be in sole charge of the property, but that’s okay because it’s a “lovely” and “spacious” home with “spectacular views”.

Sounds like a great gig for the next Mrs Doubtfire.


The best part is, the job pays £50,000 or $84,000 gross per annum AND comes with 28 days holiday, a private room, private en-suite bathroom and private kitchen.

So, what’s the catch?

Riiight, so you’ll just need to share your room with a few ghosts.


Although the couple say they’ve lived in their home for nearly a decade and never seen or experienced anything supernatural, they’ve had five nannies leave the role because of “supernatural incidents”.


The nannies told their employers that they kept hearing “strange noises”, saw “broken glass” and there were even times when they claimed to have seen “furniture moving”.



“We haven’t personally experienced any supernatural happenings, as they have been reported only while we’ve been out of the house, but we’re happy to pay above the asking rate, and feel it’s important to be as up-front as possible to find the right person.”

If it still sounds the perfect gig, click here to apply.

Would you be willing to deal with a few ghosts in exchange for free boarding, a job and $84,000 a year?