Indonesia’s tourism leaders are assuring travellers that “Bali is still safe” despite increased volcanic activity from the island’s Mount Agung.

Over the last two weeks, the volcano has showed signs of imminent eruption and experienced thousands of volcanic earthquakes, including over 800 on 25 September alone.

Movement in the mountain prompted Indonesia’s officials to evacuate some 10,000 locals living within a 12km radius of the mountain earlier this week, while another 200,000 in the eastern part of the island have been placed on alert.

Bali Indonesia

Despite the seriousness of the threat, Indonesia’s tourism officials are assuring travellers that the volcano is not affecting tourist areas, nor has it had any impact on inbound and outbound flights.

In an official statement, Bali Government Tourism Office’s Director, Dinas Pariwisata, explained that the mountain is too far to affect tourists on the ground as it’s located 71km from tourist hot spots and over 32km from Ubud’s centre.

“A radius of nine kilometres and 12 kilometres around the mountain was considered dangerous but the resort island was otherwise safe.”

Dinas Pariwisata, Bali Government Tourism Office Director


He continued, explaining that flights are operating as normal as there’s still no volcanic ash in the air, but nine alternative airports outside of Bali have been prepared for diverted flights should the volcano erupt.

“300 buses will be available to transport affected travellers to ferry ports and bus stations so they could leave Bali if flights were affected,” he explained.

“Please come and visit Bali.”

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