Have you ever woken up and dreamt you opened your window to breathtaking mountain views, while the breeze of the ocean drifts through your window? Or maybe you’ve imagined yourself being submerged in a cage in the middle of the ocean willingly waiting for Sharks to greet you.

It sounds like you have been dreaming of South Africa – the place that South African Airlines proudly call home and that very destination where you can find the best affordable and diverse experiences to fill your memories that will last a lifetime.

Even better, agents have the chance to WIN 1 of 6 spots on this 8-night quintessential South African famil thanks to South African Tourism and South African Airways. Not convinced it’s worth your time or money? Let us guide you to the 5 reasons to why you MUST visit the motherland that will be worth every cent.


Visit Gandhi’s House (Johannesburg)

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Satyagraha House; the place that no-one has heard of, but everyone will be interested in. In the early 1900’s, before he became the man, the myth, the legend – this was the home of Gandhi and you can visit it! Located just north of Johannesburg, this is a definite must-see once your feet hit the ground. It also doubles as a museum and guest house, so if you’re after a unique way to impress your customers, this is a sure-fire hit.


Robben Island (Cape Town)

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You’ve either heard two things about Robben Island. One: The Prison home of Nelson Mandela and two: Shark Cage Diving. Yes, you absolutely must visit and do both bucket list experiences but there is SO much more to Robben Island. Did you know there are Penguins on the island? Little baby penguins that can make the sullen mood of visiting the prison, mixed with the intense fear of shark cage diving into possibly the best day of your life. You can also catch a helicopter and experience it all from the sky – the choice is yours!


Pilanesberg National Park and Sun City (Johannesburg)

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Experience the Big 5 in their natural environment without all the fuss of the major national parks. Located just 3 hours from Jo’Burg – you can combine potentially 3-5 days of travel into one (maybe two if you aren’t in a hurry) by exploring the beauty of Pilanesburg National Park. Add in a few nights in the phenomenal man-made entertainment world of Sun City (reminisce back to that Adam Sandler movie ‘Blended’ – yeah that place!) and you’ve got yourself the perfect retreat. South Africa makes five-star luxury affordable for the average night in their lead in room at Sun City starting at around $350AUD per night with comparable accommodation back in Oz costing around $850AUD.


Stellenbosch (Cape Town)

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Wine lovers, we know you’re reading, so if you haven’t heard of Stellenbosch or Table Mountain we welcome you to an educational article. The Stellenbosch Wine region is one of the primary contributors to the 1,000,000,000 litres of Wine produced annually in South Africa. Visit the vineyards and taste some of the worlds best red and white. Beer lovers, don’t fret, you can pick up any standard beer in SA for around $2.50AUD – suddenly everyone is drinking beer! Why not throw in a tour of Table Mountain on the way, to guarantee travel envy from your Facebook followers. You can also hike this epic mountain formation – we recommend this before the wine tour for safety and hangover reasons.


Maboneng Precinct (Johannesburg)

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Take a previously rundown warehouse and marry it with a creative genius and you have the current cultural hub of Jo’burg. It’s like the Melbourne of South Africa, except 100 times better (sorry Melbs). Restaurants, art galleries, boutique clothing labels, film studios – you name it and this place has it. It’s a great way to kill jetlag or waste hours away while you wait for your travel buddies to pan some gold and make you all rich. You might also happen to pick up some one-of-a-kind souvenirs for a quarter of the price you would pay anywhere else.



If you love value for money, incredible scenery, beautiful people and rich history, South Africa is everything you’ve been looking for.

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Win 1 of 6 spots on this 8-night quintessential South African famil thanks to South African Tourism and South African Airways. To enter the competition you need to complete the SA Specialist online training course,and tell us in 30 words or less which Mandela-inspired tourist attraction you would visit and why.

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How would you do South Africa?

Written by Mel Bobbermien, KARRYON contributor

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