A few hours before premiering America’s Musical Journey in Sydney, Brand USA revealed that show business will continue to be a big part of the organisation’s marketing future.

In a Q&A, Chief Strategy and Communications Officer, Anne Madison, said that the return on investment for major visual campaigns, such as Brand USA’s first film Natural Parks, have been strong and well worth the effort.

More specifically, the 2016 release Natural Parks is estimated to have generated some 172,000 trips to the United States from 2017 to 2019, and resulted in a visitor spend of just under $700 million.



Anne explained that these figures were possible thanks to streaming sites and theatres that continued to play the movie and in turn, extend its life and impact beyond the premiere to 3-5 years.

Hoping to maintain that buzz, Brand USA followed up Natural Parks with the release of America’s Musical Journey this year and is in the midst of planning a third movie for 2020.


Brand USA is planning a follow up to the 2016 Natural Parks & 2018 America’s Musical Journey.

Although it’s still in early stages, Anne said the third movie would revolve around ‘exploration’ of everything from natural landscapes to the scientific – when KARRYON asked if this would include NASA & astronauts, Anne said it was possible.

“We’re working on the third film. I can’t give too much away but it will be about exploration and about innovation in the US and how to explore them.”

Anne Madison, Brand USA Chief Strategy & Communications Officer


Outside of major movies, Brand USA also recently launched GoUSA TV, a streaming app packed with hundreds of USA-themed content designed to inspire travellers to visit.

Describing the app as an “exciting channel” for the organisation, Anne expects it will help travellers find high quality content across all hobbies and interests such as Ask A Local – a show where locals give viewers a tour of their town, Lost & Hungry – a show that follows two foodies who will only eat in cities around the US that were recommended to them by locals, and Spirit Song – a 22-minute film inspired by the music of Native American singer  Gareth Laffely.

Click here to download the app.


Have you watched America’s Musical Journey or Natural Parks yet?