Friendly rivalry is at the heart of the relationship between Australia and New Zealand, but what would happen if the two countries became one as proposed in Meat & Livestock Australia’s new ad?

Tourism New Zealand didn’t miss a beat after seeing the lamb ad (which you can watch below) that suggests Australia and New Zealand form the united country of  New Australia-Land.

Tourism New Zealand quickly launched the tongue-in-cheek website NEWAUSTRALIALAND.COM.AU The catch? All the experiences listed on the website are located in New Zealand. OF COURSE.

“Securing the domain URL was a stroke of brilliance and inventive way to showcase what New Zealand really has to offer,” Tourism New Zealand, General Manager Australia Andrew Waddel said.

The New Australia-Land website automatically re-directs visitors to a page on where New Zealand’s landscapes, ski fields, the Southern Lights, cultural events and food are compared to similar, albeit less enticing, experiences in Australia (cough, so they reckon).


Tounge-in-cheek titles range from “caves filled with ice not snakes” to “meet Mt Kosciuszko’s taller, cooler and more handsome brother”.

“A great creative campaign from Meat & Livestock Australia. We felt the people of New Zealand needed to respond, so we’ve packaged all of the best bits of New Australia-Land into a website. They just all happen to already be in New Zealand.”

Tourism New Zealand, General Manager Australia Andrew Waddel.

New Australia Land Tweet

Air New Zealand has joined in on the fun too, posting a picture of their ‘new’ New Australia-Land livery.

Well played, New Zealand, well played indeed.

Did you love New Zealand’s response to the ad?