Japan is big, rich, diverse, clean (oh-so-clean), punctual, certainly delicious and also, it’s a little wacky.

It’s like a cotton-candy-themed dream with illuminating, towered advertisements on one side and incredible, seemingly-fictional history on the other.

It’s truly one of a kind because where else in the world would you find a city like Osaka that treasures a character that looks just like ‘Where’s Wally’ – that’s right, only in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan foodtruck 5

So it should come as no surprise that when it comes time to promoting the comical destination, the country’s tourism leaders would take an eccentric approach like a part food truck, part game show in Australia.

The Taste of Japan Yummy Fun Truck made its debut in Melbourne over the weekend, giving locals the chance to try the country’s unique ice cream flavours AND take part in a Japan-inspired game show, which required them to wear a blindfold and guess the various ice cream flavours.

Japan foodtruck 3

Of course the game didn’t stop there, those that guessed correctly, moved onto a vending machine which dispensed one of many coveted prizes – such as boiled egg moulds, chair leg socks, or… a trip for two to Japan.

Some 2,000 people queued up for the experience and you can bet it’ll be equally as busy over the next three weekends because there’s still four more trips to be won.

Japan foodtruck 2

Organised by Japan National Tourism Organization, the food truck/game show experience was launched to celebrate Qantas’ new daily direct flights from Tullamarine to Tokyo.

Click here for more information on The Taste of Japan Yummy Fun Truck.

Would be willing to try boild egg mould pizza for the chance at winning a trip to Japan?