If you’re planning on visiting Rome anytime soon, you’ll need to be on your best behaviour thanks to a crackdown on unruly activity in Italy’s capital.

What might seem harmless in some cities will be a no-go in Rome from dressing as a gladiator to drinking in the streets after 10pm.

Permanent fines have also been introduced for swimming in fountains, letting one’s lips touch water fountains when drinking from them, eating in a “slovenly fashion” and eating in restricted areas.


The laws also stop pub crawls and sponsorship of “trails exclusively aimed at alcohol consumption in bars, pubs and wine bars”.

The new laws are part of Rome’s council cracking down on the “unpleasant habits” of visitors and locals.

“After 72 years of waiting, Rome has new urban police regulations. Today is a historic day.”

Rome’s Mayor Virginia Raggi

Trevi Fountain Lo Res

Under the new permanent measures, people dressed as gladiators caught posing for photos with tourists face fines of up to 400 euros. OUCH.

The new laws allow police officers to impose fines and even ban people from a certain area for up to 48 hours. Repeat offenders can be banned for up to 60 days.

Italians say they have been getting more and more fed up in recent years with the ‘disgusting’ conditions in the capital, and many are in favour of a crackdown on overtourism.

Rome's infrastructure struggles to cope

Rome’s infrastructure struggles to cope

You can read more about the new regulations here.

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