There is a pastel paradise in The Philippines that comes in the form of a unicorn-themed floating playground full of slides, towers, bridges and swings.

Located on the shores of Subic Bay about 130kms from the country’s capital Manila, the wonderland is made up of 43,000 square feet of inflatable fun.

For some perspective that’s as big as eight basketball courts put together side by side. It’s no surprise it is hailed as “the largest waterpark in Asia”.


The fun park is 50 shades of pink, dotted with blow up unicorns and rainbows.

The water park isn’t just for kids. Adults are most welcome to jump on the over water trampoline, fly down the slides and do some rock climbing.


Oh, and there’s also a beach full of pink and purple lavender beanbags and picture perfect beach umbrellas. A dreamy spot to lay back with a drink and snack in hand.

#Instagramworthy much? According to the official website action cameras and phones are more than welcome in all parks of the attraction.


In fact they recommended everyone to bring “floaters” for their devices as well as waterproof cases. Because I mean, pics or it didn’t happen right?

There’s even the option to arrange private photo shoots on the island! Click here for more details.

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