Tech geeks and gaming nerds, listen up! Tokyo is soon to be home to an uber-cool new Pop Culture Hub, featuring Japan’s first Nintendo store and new Pokémon Centre!

‘Pokemon! Oh, you’re my best friend, in a world we must defend’ 

Be taken back to the days of the lime green Gameboy, the years that damn theme song was stuck in your head and that time where you tried to swap your little brother for a shiny Charizard card.

When you thought Tokyo couldn’t get any better, it pulls out this quirky gem.

Located on the sixth floor of the Shibuya PARCO department store, CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA is set to be the new main destination for fans of all things anime, video game, manga, and Japanese pop culture.


Tell us more!

Pokémon Centre Shibuya will be a new place for fans of the franchise to enjoy richer experiences than ever before, utilizing the latest technology that Pokemon has to offer. In addition to Pikachu-themed goods, the shop will also have plushies and merchandise of numerous other Pokemon.


Adding to the excitement, Nintendo TOKYO is the long-awaited official store for Nintendo fans. The new store will be selling video game systems, software and character-based merchandise, as well as host events and offer opportunities to play games at Nintendo TOKYO.


But wait, there’s more!

Karry On - Pokemon Tokyo

Nintendo and Pokemon aren’t the only brands you’ll find on Shibuya PARCO’s 6th floor.

CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA will also be home to shops by pop-culture icons such as Capcom, Shonen Jump, and Nitroplus.

If you’re looking for unique dining experiences, check out the esports cafe and bar, or the space for pop-up cafes serving themed food and drinks.



When’s it open?

Karry On - Pokemon Tokyo

Nintendo TOKYO will open on 22 November at CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA, alongside the new Pokémon Centre Shibuya.