If passing through customs and security is your least favourite part of the airport experience, then take a valium right now because this is going to stress you right out.

Apparently showing your passport at check-in, presenting it again at customs and then practically clearing the contents of your bag for scanning isn’t enough of a security check for Australian gateways because…

Police officers now have the right to ask anyone for their I.D. AND they can remove them from the airport.


Increased authority was given to the Australian Federal Police in the 2018 budget, which will also include the instalment of advanced X-ray machines, The Age reported.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the next step in security was necessary during these “dangerous times”, using the recent attack in Indonesia as an example of the ongoing threat.

“The justification is the safety of the Australian people.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull


The PM continued, explaining that currently police need to meet certain conditions in order to do an ID check, which he described as “absurd”.

“We’re addressing an anomaly and a deficiency in the law at the moment,” he said.


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What are your thoughts on the decision?