In case you didn’t already know, Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast launched an epic ride over the weekend featuring breath-taking (literally) dips, wild whirls and ridiculously daring heights.

It’s called DC Rivals Hypercoaster and to be honest, it’s a little crazy, which makes total sense considering it’s inspired by one of DC Comic’s most disturbed villains, The Joker (you know, the one with the red lipstick and green hair).


Anyhoo, people have been holding their breaths, closing their eyes and losing their voices on the adventurous ride since it launched because who doesn’t love putting their lives at risk without actually putting their lives at risk.

Except a group of thrill seekers on the ride today received more of an adrenaline rush than they bargained for, when the coaster went from 115km/hr to a complete stop at the peak of the 61.6 metres high tower.


NOT. EVEN. KIDDING! This actually happened.

The ride shut down at around 3.20pm when a surge in the area cut power to the park.

Arghh, we can’t!


Thrill seekers were apparently stuck for 10 minutes!

The good news is, once the power came back on, the ride resumed as normal and no one on board was injured.

The other piece of good news is for Movie World’s PR team because the temporary pause in operations has received nation-wide coverage, so those who didn’t know about the new ride before, sure do now.

Would you dare take a ride around the DC Rivals Hypercoaster?