MAGIC MOMENTS: 5 things you can only experience in Japan

Daring, different and dazzlingly delightful, Japan is easily one of the most unique countries in the world. 

Daring, different and dazzlingly delightful, Japan is easily one of the most unique countries in the world. 

It’s what you get when you combine the native quirkiness of the Japanese spirit with an obsession with advancing technology. As such, there are so many things that you can only find here.

Here’s a list of five, but there are literally thousands more – visit Japan for yourself and you’ll create your own list for sure!

1. Only in Japan will you find heated toilet seats


Toilets are not just toilets in Japan. Instead, they’re thrones to human ingenuity.

Electrically powered and heated, using a Japanese toilet is an experience in itself. Indeed, it’s often said that once you try a Japanese toilet for yourself you simply can’t go back to the standard loo.

It’s true, and plain surprising that no other country in the world has chosen to adopt this incredible technology – come on Australia!

Not only are Japanese toilets warm and toasty to the touch, but many also play sweet music whilst you do your thing on the crown – perfect for the discrete amongst us.

It’s estimated that over 70 per cent of Japanese homes are fitted with electric toilets; almost all public restrooms feature them, too.

For an extra layer of quirkiness, you can even the opportunity to visit the Toto museum near Kokura in Kitakyushu, a futuristic museum dedicated to all things bathroom related.

2. Only in Japan will you find no rubbish, anywhere


No, this is no exaggeration. Only in Japan are there no plastic bottles littering the ground, no cigarette butts on the pavement, and no food wrappers clogging up the gutters.

Indeed, Japan is the standard by which all countries should be compared when it comes to cleanliness. The country is virtually spotless, which is pretty incredible for a nation of over 125 million!

Even in the Tokyo greater metropolitan area, a city of some 40 million souls, rubbish is almost always where it should be: in rubbish bins.

3. Only in Japan can you bathe in ramen broth

Trying a traditional Japanese onsen or hot spring should definitely be on your list of things to do in Japan. But once this has been ticked off, consider getting a little crazy and heading to Kowakien Yunessun in Kanagawa Prefecture for a slightly weird and wacky take on the traditional onsen: bathing in ramen broth filled with artificial noodles…

You can also bathe in green tea, sake and even coffee if that’s more up your alley… Indeed, only in Japan…

4. Only in Japan can you stay in a hotel run by robots!


Image credit: Henn na Hotel

No joke, but at the Henn na Hotel in Sasebo, you won’t find humanoids behind the check-in desk, but an English-speaking dinosaur robot instead.

Now, this would be weird, if not for the fact that you’re actually checking into the world’s first robot-staffed hotel.

Over 180 robots make sure this hotel in Nagasaki Prefecture runs like clock-work, in charge of a whole range of duties such as carrying your luggage and making your coffee. Pretty cool, huh?!

Henn na Hotel now has 12 properties all across Japan.

5. Only in Japan is ice-cream music used to signal an approaching train!


No, it’s not Mr Whippy. That familiar sound you’re hearing is not coming from an ice-cream truck, but from the station’s megaphone speakers, signalling that your train is approaching.

Indeed, the ice-cream-truck-sounding-music you’re hearing is used to make all kinds of announcements at Japanese train stations, such as when your train is delayed (very rare in Japan), when it’s about to depart and general station announcements.

Keep your ears open for all the variations in the delightful melodies you’ll hear throughout your stay in Japan, too, as some stations play different music and even famous anime tunes!

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