Winter has finally arrived & with it the morbid expectation that much-loved (& much-loathed) TV characters will start meeting their makers (the Faith of the Seven) from tonight.

That’s right, the final season of Game of Thrones begins this evening, which means there’s currently thousands of Westeros fans around Australia pretending to work today while actually staring at their computer clocks and wondering if there is a baby Jonerys (Jon and Daenerys) on the way.

However, those who were smart enough to call in sick are either preparing themselves by re-watching season seven OR coming down from a recent visit to a creepy AF Game of Thrones cemetery in Sydney.

You might say ‘nothing is quite as creepy as the Night King breaking through one of Bran’s visions’, but ‘Grave of Thrones’ is.

If the title didn’t send chills up your spine, then images of the ‘final resting place’ for dozens of former characters will because their highly detailed grave stones capture the way in which they lost the ‘game’.


For example, the beloved Hodor lies beneath a headstone seen at Sydney’s Fearnley Grounds over the weekend, which was shaped like a door and featured his name (and the only word in his vocabulary) along with a pair of hands holding the door shut.


A giant, crowned head with cracks running from the eyes, resembling a stream of blood, could have only been the final resting place for the heavily hated King Joffrey.


While Rickon Stark’s headstone had an arrow piercing the centre of his name, and Ramsay Bolton’s inscription read ‘Eaten by Dogs’.

Unfortunately, the temporary graveyard closed its fences last night. We’re hoping it makes a return later in the year with fresh stones for the season eight fallen.


Did you check out the Game of Thrones graveyard? Send us your pics below.