Clear waters, white sand and gorgeous horizons – they’re generally the features that make up a popular beach destination, but not the Caribbean’s Maho Beach.

No, this little haven hasn’t made a name for itself over the years for offering a tranquil, calming escape but rather for being directly in front of the world’s scariest runway.

Sound familiar? You’ve likely seen it in pictures (they’ve definitely made the rounds on Facebook and Instagram) but didn’t know it’s name.

Pictures generally capture sunbathers holding onto their hats and sunnies or standing on their tiptoes, attempting to touch the belly of a large aircraft as it flies 100-feet over their heads and just passed the sand onto Princess Juliana International Airport runway.


The aircraft is usually KLM’s Boeing 747 and its approach is the highlight for some beach-goers, especially those aviation enthusiasts.

Unfortunately for them (and maybe even the island’s tourism), KLM decided to switch the large aircraft last month in favour of the smaller Airbus A330.

The switch was made on 28 October, marking the end of an era.

While the new plane will still need to fly close to the beach as it descends into St Maarten from Amsterdam, it won’t have the same roar or impact as the Boeing.

Check out a clip of the Boeing flying over the beach towards Princess Juliana International Airport runway.

Did you ever witness the Boeing flying over Maho Beach?