Australia: a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. Is it any surprise that Tourism Australia’s Instagram page is so well loved?

Tourism Australia’s @Australia account has a huge 3.2 million followers and according to CNN, that number is only skyrocketing with 20% year-on-year growth.

In a chat with CNN, Tourism Australia’s global manager of social media, Nick Henderson revealed some of the secrets behind the account’s success (other than the obvious mind-blowing beauty of the country that they have to work with).

Nick says it’s about getting the right mix of” stop-in-your-tracks images, great storytelling and a sense of humour.”

While some of their content is original, Tourism Australia also encourages Instagram users to share their photos from around Australia using the #SeeAustralia hashtag.

Each day, they receive up to 4,000 pieces of content this way.

Tourism Australia has a #nofilter policy, with Nick saying the images they post should be an accurate representation of what people will see during their visit.

“so we avoid posting shots that are heavily filtered or edited,” he said.

And in true blue style, they don’t themselves too seriously and encourage people to have a laugh.

Their most popular post to date was a series of images from New Year’s Eve in Sydney with more than 220,000 likes.

So does Australia’s jaw-dropping beauty make it the most Instagramable countries around?

Nick thinks it’s one of the best.

On any given day he receives images of “sun-drenched remote beaches, unique Australian wildlife, bubblegum-pink lakes, iconic city-based ocean pools, outback moonscapes and world-class food and wine in stunning settings.”

“And the best part is that, unlike some tourist destinations. it’s rare to find yourself competing with hordes of other tourists to get the perfect picture.”
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Do you think Australia is the most insta-worthy country in the world?