What’s more extraordinary than visiting the Galapagos, exploring the Amazon and seeing the ever popular Rio de Janeiro? Try doing some of these things via a hang glide!

“Out of this world” is a term commonly used to describe South America’s Big 5 bucket list destinations and whilst most people are aware of the breathtaking beauty of the attractions themselves, only few know that there is a plethora of equally “out of this world” kind of ways to see them.

Here is a snapshot of our favourites:


Iguazu Falls by Helicopter

Iguazu Falls

Whilst it really doesn’t matter how you see the Iguazu Falls, see them you MUST and a helicopter ride is the ultimate ‘cherry on the cake’ kind of way to take them in. Why? Because helicopter rides over a near-bursting Iguassu Falls are absolutely breathtaking.

Visit between December and February to get the clearest views and the bluest skies. On the 9-day Buenos Aires to Rio tour you can admire the Iguazu Falls from both, the Argentinian and Brazilian side.


Galapagos Islands by Cruise

Galapagos South America's Chimu Adventures

One of the most incredible wildlife destinations in South America – and the world – the Galapagos islands are a mesmerising archipelago home to some of the most unique creatures. And whilst seeing the Galapagos is always an unbelievable experience, cruising them is arguably the most impressive, captivating – and stress-free – way to see them.

The 11-day Galapagos Experience takes in the Galapagos Islands in style, cruising on a luxury vessel and taking in some of its most picturesque isles and unique wildlife spots.


Machu Picchu by Train

Peru South America's Chimu Adventures

Who says visiting Machu Picchu needs to involve hiking the Inca trail? If you like your creature comforts taking in Machu Picchu by train may just be the perfect choice for you.

The 13-day Luxury Peru takes in takes the luxurious Vistadome train from Ollantaytambo to the Sacred Valley and allows you to soak in the most panoramic views of the Andes mountain range.


Amazon by Luxury Cruise

cruise South America's Chimu Adventures

Whether it’s happing between stunning eco-lodges or taking in the depths of the Amazon from on board a river boat, there is no ‘wrong’ way to see this natural wonder that is the Amazon River.

For the absolute crème de la crème, however, a luxury river cruise is the way to go. Cruise the Amazon aboard the luxurious Delfin I – 5-day Amazon Cruise, taking in the Peruvian Amazon in absolute style. Dive deep into the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and discover the flora and fauna of this rainforest paradise.


Rio de Janeiro by Hang Gliding

Hang Glide South America's Chimu Adventures

Bringing bird-eye views to a whole new level, this is the ultimate thrillist experience for those wanting an out of the ordinary, adrenaline fuelled way to see Rio. Fly over the mountainous landscapes characteristic of the city, glide along Rio de Janeiro’s amazing beaches seeing them from a completely different perspective, the perfect way to spice up your Brazil adventure.


Chimu Adventures is Australia’s leading Latin America specialist and can put together an itinerary to suit you.

What’s the most extraordinary way you’ve experienced South America’s Big 5?

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