It is hard to feel confident selling Africa if you have not been and experienced it yourself.



That is where Travel Agents will rely on the expertise of Tourism Boards, wholesalers, dedicated Travel Agent portals for destinations and valuable trade shows and expos.

At the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) in Uganda recently, the East African Tourism Platform (EATP) launched its new East Africa Portal, designed to make selling the destination easier.

The portal Visit East Africa is where Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have come together to market themselves under the brand, Borderless Borders; with the ultimate goal of extending opportunities for travel within the region.

Australia receives great support from the Kenya Tourism Board, however the other East African Countries often get left behind. With no representation in Australia for Uganda Tourism Board or Rwanda Development Board, the challenge is to get up to date destination information and support for the travel industry.

East Africa Website

This is where the new website will help. In addition to up to date information, new multi-country itineraries are being designed under the group of the relevant tourism boards: Kenya Tourism Board, Rwanda Development Board and Uganda Tourism Board.

Travel Agents now have information on East Africa at the click of a button. The interactive website also works as a sales tool to show clients vivid imagery to inspire travel and increase awareness of the region’s tourism products and other related tourism information.

East Africa Website 2

The website acts as a platform to showcase products and services; and access information on Exhibitions and road-shows, amongst other joint promotional campaigns, as well as housing a database of wholesalers and ground operators, which means Agents can make direct contact for any questions or quotes.

Check out the website for yourself at

Have you had a look at the website yet and do you find it useful?