What do you when you’re travelling around Europe and happen to hop off you Busabout bus at a location used in one of the Game of Thrones’ most memorable scenes?

You recreate the scene!


Alex Dyson, a former radio host at Triple J, was making his way around Europe on a Hop on Hop Off Pass with Busabout when he found himself standing in the centre of St. Dominika Street in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Although the street was relatively unknown to travellers a few years ago, it’s now famously recognised as the street Cersei Lannister was forced to walk through naked as part of her ‘walk of shame’ aka her punishment for having sexual intercourse with her brother (wow, what a show!).


As a massive fan of the series, Dyson decided to use the opportunity to recreate the unforgettable scene but with a slightly Aussie twist (although dude, who in Australia orders ketchup #JustSaying).

Check out the clip below:

Looking forward to the Ketchup Wedding.

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