Singapore’s Las Vegas-style entertainment & accommodation complex, Marina Bay Sands, is set to grow a whole other tower, although it won’t sit directly alongside the existing trio.

Safdie Architects, the group behind Changi Airport’s new indoor garden featuring a 40-metre high waterfall, has designed an expansion for Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands that’ll see a fourth standalone tower built to face the third tower – the holding the rear of the adjoining observation deck.

Although separate, the fourth building will likely be connected to the existing towers via the bottom floor.


Inside, the stand-alone will have 1,000 suites and its own sky roof. It’ll also have its own swimming pool and a 15,000-seat music arena.

There’s currently no launch date available on the SG$9 billion (AU$9.3 billion) project, however, once constructed it’ll add significantly to Marina Bay Sands’ large portfolio, which already boasts 2,560 hotel rooms, a 1.2 hectare garden Skypark, dozens of retail stores, an indoor theatre, an ice skating rink, an infinity pool and more.


Are you excited to see a four-tower Marina Bay Sands?