SLEIGH-ING IT: How to make the most of Swiss snow

Slide into some serious fun with these lesser known winter activities the next time you visit a snowy Switzerland. Move aside skiers, we are in sledding territory now!

Slide into some serious fun with these lesser known winter activities the next time you visit a snowy Switzerland. Move aside skiers, we are in sledding territory now!

Let’s face it, skiing isn’t for everyone.

Watching seasoned vacationers gracefully weaving their way through the slopes while you’re still struggling to even ski in a straight line can be downright frustrating.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on destinations that are mainly known for skiing; in Switzerland, there are many more activities for those of us who don’t possess such skilled coordination.


Go tobogganing!


Ah the toboggan, an old-timey pastime of children throughout the ages. Or is it? In Les Diablerets, the Morerod family are changing the way people view the humble sled.

You might recall a bright red plastic version if you ever used one as a child, but these are nowhere to be seen here.

In fact, along the Col-de-la-Croix the Morerod family don’t just make wooden toboggans, they make the best toboggans.


Built for speed

karryon-travel-Switzerland-tourism-Les -Diablerets-The-Morerod-family

These are the self-proclaimed “Rolls Royce” of sleds, only 10-15 lovingly crafted kits are produced each year by hand in the family workshop. These sleds are made to feel more like a go-kart and they handle the corners spectacularly!

The sled run nearby is actually a road in the summertime, but once the icy blanket of winter descends onto the asphalt the sleds take over!

This run is seven kilometres long and winds down through the valley from Les Diablerets to the village below

There are various tracks you can choose from all around Switzerland in alpine towns such as Engelberg, Lucerne, and Grindelwald.

But we forgot to mention the most exciting part…


You ride at night


That’s right, strap on your head torch and put on every layer of clothing in your suitcase. You ride these tobogganing tracks in the dead of night for a thrill like no other.

But don’t fret, there are plenty of runs that operate during the day as well for a truly glorious sightseeing experience in the mountains.


Fuel up for the ride

Image: Nabil Aiman/Unsplash

Image: Angela Pham/Unsplash

But of course, you can’t go to Switzerland without trying some of their ah-may-zing food! Before you set out on your icy adventure make sure you stock up on hearty winter treats like gruyere fondue (yum) and a generous serving of Rosti.

If sledding isn’t your thing you may want to simply explore the tastes of Switzerland that come to the surface in winter. This is when Swiss food really shines as it’s based on hearty fare that would keep alpine workers full of energy and warm their bellies. Plus, it’s also delicious.

If you want to keep your feet firmly on the ground, why not visit a Swiss watch shop? After all, they did invent them. Or perhaps you’d like to invest in a Swiss Army Knife? Make sure you get a green coloured one – they are only available in Swiss shops. And if nothing else, make sure you eat as much Swiss chocolate as possible.


Where do I start?


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Would you take to the Swiss slopes on a toboggan?


Written by Christina Woods, KARRYON contributor

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