Ever found yourself talking about or travelling somewhere that every person you have ever known appears to be visiting within the year as well?

In a time where #FOMO is the biggest social faux pas, STA Travel have pulled some interesting insights from their database to reveal the top trending destinations around the world.



The first thing you’ll notice after reading ahead is that us Aussies are pretty bloody bonkers about Asian countries. Japan, Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong show the biggest increase in interest, bookings and travel.

Judging by their market index, below are some of the top trending destinations from 2015 – 2017… and if the stats are anything to go by, they’re probably on your “to-do” or even “recently-done” lists.


1. Japan


You may have noticed this trend amongst your friends in the past few years, with many of them trading in the beaches and sails in Europe for the culture, snow and sites of Japan.

Between 2015-2016, STA Travel saw an 87% increase in customers researching and booking trips to Japan, which between 2016-2017 has grown a further 35%. Top searches included climate, packages, rail transport and Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

• 35% up 2016 – 2017
• 87% up 2015 – 2016


2. Singapore

Excite Holidays Singapore

What used to be purely considered a stopover city is now a hot spot for travellers to visit and spend time exploring before heading to their final destination.

The skyscrapers and lights intertwine with the food and nature in this modern city.

The 2015 2016 year saw an 8% increase in bookings to Singapore, with a further 14% increase between 2016-2017.

Top searches included Singapore stopover and multi city Singapore – indicating travellers are looking to make the most out of stopovers and explore Singapore while passing through.

• 14% up 2016 – 2017
• 8% up 2015 – 2016


3. Taipei


The biggest trend found across the two-year period is the interest in Taipei, Taiwan.

Growing 489% in 2015-2016 (yep, that’s 489% – no typo) and a further 41% in 2016-2017, it is by far the biggest trending destination.

The heritage laneways and buzzing nightlife are huge pull factors for Taipei, and apparently there are a heap more travellers who are keen to check it out!

Top searches included Chinese New Year celebrations and the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival.

• 41% up 2016 – 2017
• 489% up 2015 – 2016


4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Yet another destination that was previously only known as a stop over city is making a name for itself as a go-to holiday destination for travellers, as well as a city to make an ‘extended stopover’ in.

Hong Kong has something for everyone – Disneyland, bustling night markets, views of the city and beyond from up above, famous landmarks, amazing shopping…the list goes on.

In 2015-2016, it seems as though more travellers started to realise just how much there is to do and see in Hong Kong, with 11% of travellers enquiring about the city.

In 2016-2017, this significantly increased by another 41%. Top searches included stopover and multi city destinations, again indicating that travellers are looking to make the most of their stopovers in Hong Kong and take the time to venture around.


• 41% up 2016 – 2017
• 11% up 2015 – 2016

Are you seeing increased demand for any of these countries? Share your thoughts below.