A long time ago (roughly two years) in a galaxy (country) far, far away (not really that far), Thrones were set aside to allow one ambitious warrior to seek out guidance from a ‘force’-ful fighter.

Not quite catching on? Ireland, the stunning backdrop to several iconic Game of Thrones scenes, will make its intergalactic debut in the next highly anticipated Star Wars movie called The Last Jedi.

For those who caught the first flick in the Anthology series (not Rogue One but The Force Awakens), you may remember the movie ended with a soap opera-style stare off between Rey and Luke Skywalker on a lush green mountain.

Here’s a trimmed down version of it…

Well, that lush green mountain also known as Skywalker’s hideout (aka Ahch-To) is located in Ireland (IRL) and the country’s tourism board couldn’t be more so excited to be featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

In face, they’re so excited that they’ve launched the first interstellar tourism campaign highlighting that “you don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to discover a landscape that is truly out of this world”.

Star Wars

As part of a campaign, Tourism Ireland will display the island used in the film on billboards in public areas. The words ‘Earth’s Wild Atlantic Way’ will be displayed in front of its sweeping ocean views, emerald green grass and ‘beehive’ huts.

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