Putting up with catcalling and wolf-whistling on the streets of France was once considered part and parcel of life. Now, it simply isn’t on. And those who still think it’s ok to publically harass someone will face an on the spot fine of 750 euros.

French officials passed the bill last week as part of the nation’s new and stricter legislation on sexual violence.

Calls for tighter laws around catcalling have been louder than ever following a public assault on a woman that was captured on video.


In the video, which you can see below, French woman Marie Laguerre was attacked by a man who made rude noises at her outside a Paris cafe.

When she confronted the man about his behaviour, he slapped her across the face.

“These men who think they’re all allowed on the street, who can humiliate us and don’t stand to be offended, that’s unacceptable. It’s time for this kind of behaviour to stop.”

Marie Laguerre

While the law was voted in after the viral incident, it has been in the pipeline for over a year already.

President Emmanuel Macron said the bill was meant to ensure that “women are not afraid to be outside”.

Critics say the new laws could “kill the culture of the French lover”.

Perhaps those critics need refresh their knowledge on the difference between unwanted harassment on the streets versus welcome flirtation and romancing.

Let’s hope these tougher measures make France a more enjoyable place to visit and live.


Have you ever been catcalled or wolf-whistled on the streets of France?