You’ll no doubt recall the trouble that the ‘Beast from the East’ caused in the UK last year. This week, thanks to bone chilling air from the Arctic, Britain is bracing itself for similar conditions.

The Met Office has put the whole of England and Wales on alert to expect snow on Tuesday and ice on Wednesday with travel chaos expected.

The Met Office said the freezing conditions could cause disruptions including delays on roads, stranded vehicles and rail and air travel cancellations.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said it was fair to say that this would likely be the heaviest snow of the winter so far for large parts of England and Wales.

“We would urge people to allow longer for their journeys and perhaps to question whether their journey is necessary.”

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge

The Met is also warning there is a “slight chance” that some rural communities could be cut off altogether, resulting in power cuts with mobile phone coverage affected.

No major flight cancellations have been announced yet but as the weather conditions close in, it’s best to give your clients a heads up on the situation.

You can follow the MET’s weather reports on Twitter here.

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