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Sunshine Coast begins training to make the 2032 Games the “Sunshine Olympics”

The Sunshine Coast says it's looking forward to the 2032 South East Queensland Olympic Games becoming known as the “Sunshine Games”, showcasing the best of the Sunshine State and Sunshine Coast to the world.

The Sunshine Coast says it’s looking forward to the 2032 South East Queensland Olympic Games becoming known as the “Sunshine Games”, showcasing the best of the Sunshine State and Sunshine Coast to the world.

As the Sunny Coast starts training for 2032, Visit Sunshine Coast CEO, Matt Stoeckel, said that the Sunshine Coast’s “natural advantages” and easy accessibility for international teams played an important role in securing the bid for South-East Queensland.

The Sunshine Coast is set to host Olympic and Paralympic outdoor events such as cycling, mountain biking, athletics and sailing, as well as football and basketball.

In addition, the new Maroochydore central business district – currently under construction – will be the venue for a satellite athletes’ village.

“I think what the Sunshine Coast offered as a complement to Brisbane and the Gold Coast added significantly to the attractiveness of the South-East Queensland proposal,” said Matt Stoeckel.

“Nature and sustainability play an increasingly important role in deciding where major events are held, and the Sunshine Coast is home to more individual national parks than any other region in Queensland.

“In addition, Sunshine Coast Council is in the process of developing a nomination for UNESCO to consider the region as a biosphere, an international site of excellence that prioritises responsible development and conservation. It would build on the region’s two other adjoining UNESCO recognised biospheres, Noosa and the Great Sandy Biosphere Reserve.

Sunshine Coast Olympics
2012 Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival. Image: Barry Alsop

Matt Stoeckel went on to say that The Sunshine Coast is well-proven as one of Australia’s premier venues for major sporting and outdoor events.

“With our year-round attractive climate and beautiful setting the region is tailor-made for hosting peak-performance sporting events.

“The bid team for the 2032 Olympic Games has clearly done an outstanding job, and we will be working closely with our local Sunshine Coast Council, and the Games’ organising committee, to build momentum and excitement over the next decade.

Sunshine Coast Olympics
Visit Sunshine Coast says it’s particularly excited about showcasing its reputation as a premium cycling destination – both for road cycling and mountain biking.

“The Olympics will turbocharge the Sunshine Coast’s economic development and with the new international-capacity runway at Sunshine Coast Airport, there are excellent prospects for attracting additional hotel and tourism development aimed at both domestic and international travellers.

“Given the current economic difficulties facing our industry, the announcement in Tokyo couldn’t have come at a better time. While the current challenges are affecting all our operators, the fact that we will play an integral role in a world event of the magnitude of the Olympic Games should provide optimism for the future,” the Visit Sunshine Coast CEO concluded.

The Sunshine Coast venues scheduled for inclusion in the 2032 Olympics include:

  • Kawana Sunshine Coast Stadium – Football (Preliminaries)
  • Kawana Indoor Sports Stadium – Basketball (Preliminaries)
  • Alexandra Headlands – Cycling (Road), Athletics (Marathon & Race Walks), Sailing (Kiteboarding) & Paralympic Road Cycling and Marathon
  • Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Centre – Cycling (Mountain Biking)
  • Maroochydore central business district – Sunshine Coast Satellite Athletic Village

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