It’s that time of the year again. That time when MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Americans tune in to watch a field of men run, scramble & compete for an oval ball.

That’s right, it’s Super Bowl time!

The annual American football match takes place today in Atlanta, Georgia where the New England Patriots will take on the Los Angeles Rams.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to run off the two teams’ sporting histories or place bets on this year’s winners because our knowledge of the match itself is limited to the information listed above and the fact that Maroon 5 will perform the half-time show.

No, we’re anxiously waiting on the edge of our seats for those multi-million dollar commercials, whether Tourism Australia will make a spectacular Super Bowl come back and which L.A. hot spots crowds of Angelenos will gather to watch the game (that we can later visit as tourists in the city).

Let’s break it down.


Leaked commercials

Football players may work hard to deliver their best performance at the Super Bowl, but so too do big businesses who use the most-watched American sporting event to advertise their products.

A number of ‘leaked’ commercials have already started gaining online attention such as the newest Pepsi skit featuring a number of celebrities including Steve Carell, Lil’ Jon and the one-and-only Cardi B (okuurrrr).

There’s also a Sex and the City-inspired Stella Artois ad starring Sarah Jessica Simpson, as well as a 30-second clip in which Serena Williams encourages people to check out app-dating via Bumble.

As-of-yet, there are no direct tourism-related ads among the few leaked clips, however, there is a travel-inspired clip from Google Translate.

Called ‘100 Billion Words’, the one-minute commercial will give you goosebumps (and for the softer-hearted, bring you to a single tear) as it showcases the power travel has on building relationships and creating a more loving society.

“Every day, the most translated words in the world are ‘how are you’, ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’.”

Oh Google Translate, how do you say ‘I’m touched’ in all the

Click here for more of the leaked ads.


Will Australia make a Super Bowl come back?

How time speeds by – it felt like only yesterday that we were roaring and cheering on Tourism Australia for its epic ‘fully fake’ Dundee ad at the 2018 Super Bowl. But no, we’re a couple of lines heavier around the eyes since it made its debut 12 months ago.

Missed it? Click here for a recap of the brilliant commercial.

A year later, what all Aussies want to know is, will there be another Tourism Australia commercial during the Super Bowl?

Sorry guys, we don’t have a definite answer. However, considering that only a few months have passed since the tourism board followed up the ad with one featuring the firstborn Hemsworth brother, Luke Hemsworth, we won’t be putting our money on it.


Which Super Bowl hot spots should I visit/stay at on my next trip to Los Angeles?



We asked the experts at Discover Los Angeles, and they recommend:

Mama Shelter, a hotel located in the heart of Hollywood, which is transforming its lobby, restaurant and bar into one large Super Bowl party featuring a DJ, bottomless mimosas until 3.00pm, a happy hour menu starting at 3.00pm and the game shown across 12 TVs.

London West Hollywood Hotel, a property where special Super Bowl menus prepared by chef Anthony Keene can be enjoyed throughout the day. Dishes will be inspired by the game, while cocktails and beers will be available for US10 each.

Ace Hotel DTLA, get a taste of Downtown L.A.’s Fashion District while indulging on a special game-day menu featuring an East Coast/West Coast throw-down of fried clam rolls vs bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

Hotel Indigo, this Downtown L.A.-located hotel is hosting a Super Bowl viewing party with food and drink specials during in the Metropole Bar. In partnership with Jameson, guests who buy a special team food item from the menu will get a square on the scoreboard and the opportunity to win money by correctly guessing each team’s score at the end of each quarter.  The winner will get a free night stay at Hotel Indigo and a Metropole gift certificate valued at US$100.

Viceroy Santa Monica, this is where sports fans can book an upscale poolside package, which allows guests to watch the game in style in a poolside cabana. Use of cabana starts at 2.30pm and comes with 10 dozen Grilled Romesco Chicken Wings with Tzatziki Sauce, two dozen Sliders with Blue Cheese, Tomato Pesto & Roasted Garlic Aioli, Large Hummus with Crudité and Pita (serves 12) and more.


Did the Google Translate ad touch you?