There’s so much to love about Switzerland, other than the flag being a big plus (excuse the dad joke), there are a mountain load of reasons you should suggest a Switzerland stopover to your clients.

SWISS and Switzerland Tourism have teamed up to present Stopover Switzerland, the most convenient and affordable way to explore Switzerland’s iconic sites when time is precious.

The packages range from one to four nights and include accommodation with free public transport throughout all of Switzerland and up to 50% off mountain trains.

Agents can use an exclusive discount code (RED8) to redeem 8% commission on all stopover packages.




Switzerland is small but incredibly diverse and your clients can reach anywhere within a few hours on the excellent public transport system.

With travel habits changing, here are four types of time poor clients who will love you for fitting Stopover Switzerland into their travel plans.


The hard-core hiker


Nothing evokes Switzerland more than an image of the snow-capped Alps soaring over a lake. In spring and summer, these are begging to be climbed and offer some of the world’s best short walks.

If that’s not enough there are also 1484 lakes to explore too. For the cooler months there is nowhere better in the world to hit the slopes and indulge in après-ski.

Switzerland Stopover packages like the Interlaken package and the Zermatt package are great options for the hard-core hikers and nature lovers.


The culture vulture


Whether culture buffs base themselves in one city or spread their stop over a few, there’s a wealth of galleries, museums and architecture to delve into.

Geneva consistently wins “leading city break destination” at the World Travel Awards, while Bern’s street art and Zurich’s Altstadt can’t be missed. Lesser known gems like Grindelwald (no relation to Gellert) are within easy reach too.

The Zurich package is perfect options for your clients that love to immerse themselves in the culture of a place.


The foodie


A true Swiss chocolatier knows their coca beans better than a sommelier knows their grapes. Chocolate making here is an art form and the results are divine.

Not a sweet-tooth? There are over 450 types of cheese produced in Switzerland, so whether they prefer raclette or fondue there’s something for everyone.

Match it with wine from Biel, Murton or the Valley of the Rhone and they’re in foodie heaven.

For foodie favourite stopovers select Montreux or Lucerne.


The Instagram influencer


Any traveller that loves getting the perfect gram will be wowed by the @mySwitzerland handle. Think perfect sunsets over mountain villages like Lugano, reflections over Lake Lucerne, meandering alleys in Zurich’s old city or the Matterhorn’s vistas.

Is there a more picturesque country in the heart of Europe?

So they can  get it for the ‘gram book your clients on the Bernina Express stopover or the Best of Switzerland stopover.


So how do you book?


1. Book the ticket with a stopover. Please check fare rules for applicable stopover conditions.
2. Go to for all available stopover packages and select your stopover package and nights.
3. Enter the discount code RED8, provide the details of your travel agency in the address section and enter your IATA number in the comment field.
4. After booking, you’ll receive an automatic email confirmation and once Switzerland Travel Centre confirms, you’ll receive a final confirmation e-mail including all travel documents as online vouchers.

It’s seriously as easy as that!

Your clients will love you for booking them two destinations for the price of one.

With amazing around-the-world routings, excellent SWISS service and 8% included commission on Stopover Switzerland packages there’s never been a better time to start selling.

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Have you stopped over in Switzerland yet??

Written by Josh Cranston, KARRYON contributor

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