Switzerland has upped the ante on its water transportation services with the introduction of its very first climate neutral ship, the MS 2017, which will enter the public service on Lake Lucerne in May.

The ship will be the country’s second eco-friendly vessel, following the 2016 launch of the restored Vedetta 1908 on Lake Lugano, which runs on solar and electric power.


The restored Vedetta 1908

Scheduled to be christened on 4 May 2017, the sleek, modern and luxurious MS 2017 sets a milestone in the Swiss shipping scene in terms of quality and innovation.

Think that the ship might be made from hessian sacks and re-cycled bamboo? Think again.

With a surface area of 1400 sqm sprawling across five decks, passengers will get to enjoy many of the ships features, including the Panorama Deck, Compass Lounge and Bar on the sun deck, the Nautilus Cabin in the fuselage with underwater views, and the Aqua Terrace with a sea water foot bath in the stern.

It’s one might fine looking vessel, proving that ‘Sustainable’ doesn’t have to mean aesthetically unpleasing.

The MS 2017-karryon

The MS 2017

Even though the MS 2017 will be serving the public on Lake Lucerne, it can be booked for exclusive functions, allowing up to 400 seats for banquet styled events.

For more information on the MS 2017, Lake Lucerne and the city of Lucerne, visit www.myswitzerland.com.

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