When we say that you definitely will not guess where the world’s most fun-filled destination is, we truly mean it because you actually will never guess which destination takes the title.

Truly. Which country do you consider to be the most fun-filled?

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Okay, now think of another…


Now just choose one random guess…


Tell the person sitting next to you…

Okay, ready?

Of your three guesses, were any of them the Netherlands?

Yeah, the Netherlands!

For me personally, Carnival in Brazil sounds pretty fun-filled, Mardi Gras and fried chicken in New Orleans would be a blast, even walking through the contrasting neighbourhoods in Tokyo would blow my mind, but the Netherlands?

I guess the words ‘fun-filled’ do differ depending on the individual’s interest, but again, the Netherlands?

Image: Nine Köpfer/Unsplash

Image: Nine Köpfer/Unsplash

That’s certainly what a study conducted by Mrgamez.com found.

According to the survey, the Netherlands received the title for its array of museums, galleries and concert halls.


The European country was one ahead of Cyprus, which claimed the title ‘second most fun-filled destination in the world’ for its culture and 188 national attractions.

In third place was Belgium recognised for its water parks, museums and national attractions, followed by the UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, UAE and France.

You can check out the full list of countries by clicking here.

What was your guess for the most fun-filled destination in the world?